Pronounced [Wing-latty] noun.

A chick with a high IQ and is really too clever for its own good.


  1. I don't know how this is happening I am sure this post wasn;t there before today!

  2. Was the chick counting sheep to try and sleep in there?

  3. I thought it was counting the days until it could break out... This one is a naughty chick. Broke out and then caused pandemonium in the roast.

    The evidence of a good chick is one who leaves its egg with white walls, not even the remains of blue tack can be traced from its residence in said egg.

    Sleepy chicks usually leave their eggs with z's drawn everywhere, or with actual cave drawings of sheep. Sleepy chicks often have smokey eggs too from too much insense. Sometimes this can be so bad that one can see a layer of charcoal on the inside surface.